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Want to Drive Your Consulting, Professional or Technical Services Business From SIX to SEVEN Figure Revenue?

If the answer is YES, you're not alone! - You'd be one of the many Consultants and Professionals who WANT to reach their true potential... but struggle to break through into that SEVEN figure barrier.

You see, most solo or micro consulting professional practices may be experts in their “profession”, but struggle to operate and grow to their fullest potential as a business, because they do not yet have the clarity or depth of understanding, to define, position, organise, lead, and achieve the level of growth required to transform a "good practice" from simply being profitable, to an accelerated, sustainable, high value, "great business".

That shows up as:

  • Hitting a revenue barrier of anything from £150k to £500k
  • Not clearly seeing the real cause of the barriers; 
  • Making it hard to find the right direction or solution;
  • And difficulty in organising, and planning for its implementation and success; and
  • Sending out the wrong message; compromising your leadership, and losing team engagement.

Does any or all that Sound Familiar?

Imagine now, there was a way to be guided through all that frustration, confusion, and uncertainty - so you could feel like you were back in control again, able to make sound decisions, wth a focussed and empowered team that gets the results you know you're expertise makes you capable of...

And if that way really existed, would YOU choose to find out what it was?

Well, then you'd find "Vision to Value", a Business Breakthrough Programme for Solo and Micro Consulting, Professional & Technical Service Practices, which through a process of colaboration, expertly guides and advises you in positioning, organising, and inspiring your business in a way that is fully aligned and naturally responsive to the opportunities and challenges it will face, so that you have:  

- Clarity in Understanding Your Position and Potential - Direction Towards the Best Solution to Reach It - A Defined Path for You to Follow - Support for You and Your Team along the Way - Accountability & Progress Toward the Change You Seek

A one-to-one meeting with Darran

Scroll Down Now to Find out How...

Mastery Requires Time & Focus - Everything Else Requires Guidance!

By the very fact you are a Professional or Technical Expert, you are intelligent, and highly skilled at the solution you and your practice provide. You've potentially spent years building experience and mastering your expertise in your chosen field. And rightly so, to earn the coveted title of Expert!

But sadly, your specialist expertise alone, won't get you a steady flow of clients, smooth operaton, business results, recognition and reward you deserve. For that, you need a "business" that matches not where you are now, but where you want it to be.

And unless your expertise is in Business Growth and Transformation, you probably don't have the full set of knowledge, skills, or tools at hand to Master the Art of "Breakthrough", or even the time and inclination to acquire them. To change either yourself or your business from a clear compelling Vision to real Value requires more than just tenacity and creativity, it requires a rare combination of skill, experience, and understanding of commercial, behavioural, communication, and organisational modelling, that's been field tested, proven, and achieved great results.

That's why the "Vision to Value" Business Breakthrough Programme was created: To give great experts in Consulting, Professional & Technial Services a clear road map to overcoming whatever is currently creating the barrier to their deserved growth and success.

From truly understanding where you are now and what's currently holding you back; to creating a clear direction toward an effective solution. Through organising, resourcing, and planning its implementation, you'll be effectively communicating your vision, demonstrating great leadership, and achieving full engagement from your team. Beyond the strategic advice, transformative coaching, and structured tactical activity plans, you can receive full support in bringing it al together; and of course, accountability to get it done.

But who am I to make such strong statements? Keep Scrolling Down, to Find Out Now...

The Mind Behind "Vision to Value"

Darran Hughes - Relaxed Lounge

Hi, I'm Darran Hughes, creator of the "Vision to Value", business beakthrough programme, designed specifically for Consultancy, Professional & Technical Service Practices.

Why am I so specific about who I provide breakthrough solutions for? 

Well after nearly 20 years growing and leading consulting and professional services business, on both sides of the Atlantic, and generating multiple tens of million in revenue, I guess you could say I know where you're at, and more importantly, how best to get passed it.

You see, I learnt quite quickly, that being a chartered professional, didn't mean I could successfully grow a consulting business. No, that took years of experience (including some very bumpy rides), and tens of thousands of my own cash, investing in working with and learning from the best minds in business growth, operations, and leadership. I went deep into how people and organisations engage and can change, through everything from neuro-linguistic programming, executive transformational coaching, to behavioural patterning and getting the best out of people through insightful influence and expressive engagement.

More importantly, I could develop, apply, and define an end-to-end programme that brings together and integrates that experience and expertise, into a multi-stage service that is respectful of and responsive to, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that exist in a consulting or professional service business today. And specifically, creates an opportunity for you as a specialist, to have access to the benefits of sound strategic advice and executive level coaching, you'd have to spend decades achieving yourself.

But, don't take my word for it, take your NO OBLIGATION "Clarity Call", where I'll SHOW YOU the REAL cause of the biggest problem you face, so YOU have a sound place from which to change things. Just click on the 'Schedule "My Clarity Call" Now' Button below, and check if you're eligible.

If you'd like to find out a little more about me, or connect professionally, you'll find me on LinkedIn, by clicking HERE

Need to know more about the programme first?

No problem, scroll down to see how the "Vision to Value" Breakthrough Programme is structured...

What We'll Achieve in the "Vision to Value" Programme...

The FULL Programme covers FOUR Core Foundations, available as a complete sequence, or individually, depending on where we agree it is most appropriate and needed.

Foundation 1. The True Position...

  • Initial review of your business, against the 7 Gates to Greatness.
  • Identification of the Top 3 constraints that are holding you back.
  • Headline Recommendation and Solution Signposting.

Foundation 2. The Right Direction...

  • Identification and development of your Solutions Requirement Profile.
  • Defining Your 8 Key Progress Thresholds 
  • Completion of your Assets and Systems Needs Analysis.

Foundation 3. The Strong Message...

  • Clarify, refine your core brand, and company cultural message. 
  • Identify and Align core values, priorities, and performance expectations.
  • Refining Your Market Position and Proposition.

Foundation 4. The Cohesive Team...

  • Defining and refining your Leadership & Management Skills
  • Identifying the right Organisational Structure & Relationships.
  • Creating and Developing Fully Engaged Teams.

How We'll Work Together to Create Your Ideal Outcome...

Supporting you at the level you need and feel most comfortable with, we will work together in creating your optimum Vision to Value Journey, through insight into you and your business, expressing your vision and true value to the world, having the right people engaged with the right opportunities, and demonstrating your expertise and influence through strong leadership and effective decision making.

One-to-One Coaching

A one-to-one meeting with Darran

Whether it's because you are a micro practice, or you just want help in adopting some of the key headline strategies as a practice leader, One-to-one coaching is available to provide a deeper understanding of the Vision to Value Business Breakthrough Programme foundations, or indeed, to act as your own personal strategic advisor or implementation coach. 

Team Facilitation

Vision to Value Business Growth System Team Facilitation

When it comes to the practical implementation of the Vision To Value Business Breakthrough Programme, there may be times where your team needs a little support. Acting as an over-the-shoulder support and source of advice, they will be guided along the journey from understanding, to adoption and operation of your programme specifics.

Group Workshops

Vision to Value Business Growth System Group workshops

Where your practice has grown to a level where adoption of the Vision To Value strategies requires further TEAM development, group workshops will ensure deeper understanding and effective application of the strategies at the foundaton of "Vision to Value" Business Breakthrough Programme. More than facilitation, workshops add knowledge and skills to go beyond it. 

Private Work

Private Work

There's a distinction between One-to-One Coaching around your business breakthrough, and what I call "Private Work", which is all about YOU. Private work is a deep exploration of what's "going on" for and with you. Uncovering and transforming those hidden beliefs and behaviours that do not serve you, or your business, and revealing and operating as your optimum self.

Still Sitting on the Fence? Here's what people are saying...

Marsha Ward TheNumberHub

"Darran brings with him the rare ability to both uncover your true core value, AND structure a business growth journey that builds real lasting value. But he's more than just a great busiess architect, he really does see the poetntial in everything."

-Marsha Ward, The NumberHub (Accounting Practice, South Wales)

"Speaking to Darran is the only testimonial you need, as his presence and his ability to get to the heart of the issue demonstrates a rare and valuable gift. Combined with a wealth of practical business growth experience, there's little he can't grasp, clarify and coach through"

-Tim Considine, Multiple Business Owner (IT Solutions & Training, Hampshire) 

Tim Considine
Jamie Smart

"Darran brings a presence and willingness to "walk his talk" that has the ring of true authenticity. His skills, combined with his passion for bringing out the best in others are an inspiration."

-Jamie Smart, Clarity Coaching (International Best Selling Author & Performance Coach, London) 

"Simply one of the most motivational, effective and interesting people I have ever had the pleasure of working with."

-Adrian Walker, Multiple Business Investor (Consulting & Information Systems. London)

Adrian Walker

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