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"Developing Your Business 'From Vision to Value' Through Expressive Engagement & Insightful Influence"

Struggling to Stand Out from the Competitive Crowd?

"Many Consultants and Professional Service Practices fail to reach their true potential, because they haven't fully aligned their Business Vision with their Market; established themselves as a Trusted Expert; created a compelling offer that converts Clients; or built a Solutions Ladder that ascends them into providing Long-Term Value. - When You Address Those Four Core Foundations, You can not fail to Rise High Above The Crowd"

"Vision to Value" is a Business Growth Programme for Micro to Medium Consulting & Professional Service Practices. Positioning and promoting You as an "Authority" in your market, and maximising your profit. So YOU attract more clients that grow into higher value engagements and brand evangelists.

A one-to-one meeting with Darran

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Mastery Requires Focus - Everything Else Requires A System!

By the very fact you are a Professional, you are intelligent, and highly skilled at the solution you and your practice provide. You've potentially spent years building experience and mastering your expertise in your chosen field. And rightly so, to earn the title of Professional!

But sadly, your specialist expertise alone, won't get you the recognition and reward you deserve. For that, you need visibility, authority, and of course, clients. And unless your expertise is in Marketing, you probably don't have the full set of knowledge, skills or tools at hand to Master the Art of Client Attraction, or even the time and inclination to acquire them. Mastery requires focus - everything else requires a system!  

That's why the "Vision to Value" Business Growth System was created: It takes the very latest in marketing and sales psychology, digital engagement practice, and client value optimisation strategies to deliver a Ten Step Guided Development Programme, that helps you and your team develop everything you need to turn your Business Vision, into real Client Value.

From clarifying your growth vision and defining a concise strategy you understand, through to structured tactical activity plans; support in bringing it together; and accountability to get it done: You can stop wasting your marketing resources on ambiguous Ads and Content that no one cares about, and create a laser targeted position that not just stands out, but has your ideal client calling you!

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The Mind Behind "Vision to Value"

Darran Hughes - Relaxed Lounge

Hi, I'm Darran Hughes, creator of the "Vision To Value", business growth programme, designed specifically for Consultancy and Professional Service Practices.

Why am I so specific about who I provide a growth solutions for? 

Well after nearly 20 years growing and leading consulting and professional services business, on both sides of the Atlantic, and generating over 30million in Revenue, I guess you could say I know the market, and how to connect and engage with it.

You see, I learnt quite quickly, that being a chartered professional, didn't mean I could successfully grow a business. No, that took years of experience (including some very bumpy rides), and tens of thousands of my own cash, investing in working with and learning from the best minds in business growth and marketing psychology. Studying influence legends such as Robert Cialdini, through to the guerilla marketing giants of today, including Ryan Diess and Frank Kern. 

More importantly, I was able develop, apply and define an end-to-end system that brings together and integrates that wisdom, into a programme that understands the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that exist in a consulting or professional service business. And specifically, creates a position of "Authority" and "Visibility" in a crowded competitive market. A position so attractive to your ideal client, and peer professionals, that they come looking for YOU, instead of you fighting to be heard.

But, don't take my word for it, schedule your NO OBLIGATION "Opportunity Exploration" call now, and I'll SHOW YOU the BIGGEST opportunity you have right now to get more clients through the door. Just click on the "Schedule My Opportunity Exploration Call Now" Button below, and follow the instructions from there.

Need to more about the programme first?

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What You'll Achieve in the "Vision to Value" Programme...

The FULL Programme covers FOUR Core Foundations, available as a complete sequence, or individually, depending on where, we agree it is most needed.

1. Establish Yourself as an Authority, specifically...

  • Identify Your "Authority Triangulation Point" where your solution, your market, and your message meet.
  • Craft Your "Unique Vlaue Statement", that sperates you from the crowd.
  • Profileing your Ideal Client at a Deep Emotional Level, and identifying their "Language of Influence"

2. Design Your Value Ascension Model, specifically...

  • Architecting A "Compelling Core Offer", that's designed to convert to higher value.
  • Identify "Low Risk High Value" product that capture customers.
  • Establish Your "Potential Profit Maximisers" that increase your Avreage Client Lifetime Value

3. Plan Your Engagement Strategy, specifically...

  • Identify and Create Your Perfect Messaging Plan, that's designed to build empathy and engagement.
  • Resourcing and managing for maximum efficiency and delivery.
  • Setting Your Communications Style and Content Structure.

4. Build Your Conversion Funnel, specifically...

  • Creating the perfect profesisonal platform that your ideal clients will want to connect with.
  • Structuring Your "Lead Conversion Journey" to build trust and demonstrate credability.
  • Developing The Art of Conversations that Convert, and creating branbd evanaglists.

How We'll Work With You to Create Your Authority Postition...

Supporting you at the level you need and feel most comfortable with, we will work together in creating your optimium Authority position, through insight into your business, expressing your true value, engaging with the right opportunities, and demostrating your expertise and influence.

On-line Training Platform

Vision To Value Business Growth System On-line Training

Using a combination of on-line video training, audio lessons, written guides, and tools, supported by monthly group webinars: You can learn the principles and practices behind the "Vision to Value" Business Growth System at your own pace. But it's more than just training, the platform tracks progress and offers a helping hand to keep you moving.

Group Workshops

Vision to Value Business Growth System Group workshops

Where your practice has grown to a level where adoption of the Vision To Value TEAM require support in ensuring they either understand the stratgies or tactics used in "Vision to Value" Business Growth System are effecively applied, either standard or purpose built workshops are available.

Team Facilitation

Vision to Value Business Growth System Team Facilitation

When it comes to the practical implementation of the Vision To Value Business Growth System, there may be times where your team needs a little support. Acting as an over-the-shoulder support and source of advice, they will be guided along the journey from understanding, to adoption and operation of the system.

One-to-One Coaching

A one-to-one meeting with Darran

Whether it's because you are a micro practice, or you just want help in adopting some of the key headline strategies as a practice leader, One-to-one coaching is available to provide a deeper undertannidng of the Vision to Vlaue Business Growth System foundations, or indeed, to act as your own peronsal implementation coach. 

Here's what people are saying...

Marsha Ward TheNumberHub

"Darran brings with him the rare ability to both uncover your true core value, AND structure a client attracation journey that builds real lasting value. But he's more than just a great busiess architect, he really does see the poetntial in everything."

-Marsha Ward, The NumberHub (Accounting Practice, South Wales)

"Speaking to Darran is the only testimonial you need, as his presence and his ability to get to the heart of the issue demonstrates a rare and valuable gift. Combined with a wealth of practical business growth experience, there's little he can't grasp, clarify and coach through"

-Tim Considine, Multiple Business Owner (IT Solutions & Training, Hampshire) 

Tim Considine
Jamie Smart

"Darran brings a presence & willingness to "walk his talk" that has the ring of true authenticity. His skills, combined with his passion for bringing out the best in others are an inspiration."

-Jamie Smart, Clarity Coaching (Best Selling Author & Performance Coach, London) 

"Simply one of the most motivational, effective and interesting people I have ever had the pleasure of working with."

-Adrian Walker, Multiple Business Investor (Consulting & Information Systems. London)

Adrian Walker

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